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China Banking Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Hans T. Sy
Vice Chairman Gilbert U. Dee
Director William C. Whang
Director Peter S. Dee
Director Joaquin T. Dee
Director Herbert T. Sy
Director Harley T. Sy
Director Jose T. Sio
Independent Director Alberto S. Yao
Independent Director Roberto F. Kuan
Independent Director Margarita L. San Juan
Management Officers
Position Name
President and CEO William C. Whang
EVP and COO Romeo D. Uyan Jr.
EVP and Head - Retail Banking Business Rosemarie C. Gan
EVP and President - China Bank Savings, Inc. Alberto Emilio V. Ramos
SVP and CFO Patrick D. Cheng
SVP and Head - Investor and Corporate Relations Group Alexander C. Escucha
FVP II, Treasurer and Head - Treasury Group Benedict L. Chan
FVP II and Head - Institutional Banking Group Lilian Yu
FVP II and Head - Consumer Banking Business Renato K. De Borja, Jr.
FVP II, Institutional Banking Group Victor O. Martinez
FVP II and Head - Centralized Operations Group Delia Marquez
FVP II, Institutional Banking Group Gerard T. Dee
FVP II and Head - Coverage and Origination - CB Capital Virgilio O. Chua
FVP II and Chief Risk Officer Ananias S. Cornelio III
FVP II and Deputy Group Head - Retail Banking Business Jose L. OsmeƱa, Jr.
FVP and Head - Consumer Banking Group Lilibeth R. Carino
FVP and Head - Wealth Management Group Angela D. Cruz
FVP, Retail Banking Business - Branches Administration Division Elizabeth C. Say
FVP and Region Head - Retail Banking Business - Metro Manila - West Shirley G. K. T. Tan
FVP and Head - Risk Management Group - Market and Liquidity Risk Division Geoffrey D. Uy
FVP and Head - Human Resources Division Maria Rosanna Catherina L. Testa
FVP and Region Head of Retail Banking Business -Visayas and Mindanao Regions Stephen Y. Yan
FVP and Treasury Fixed Income Head Cristina P. Arceo
FVP and Treasury Sales Cluster Head Filemon Cecilio A. Cabungcal