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Cebu Property Ventures and Development Corporation

As of Nov 26, 2020 12:50 PM
Status Suspended Market Capitalization 3,836,628,000.00
Issue Type Common Outstanding Shares 564,210,000
ISIN PHY1231D1038 Listed Shares 564,210,000
Listing Date Mar 03, 1992 Issued Shares 564,210,000
Board Lot 100 Free Float Level(%) 15.94%
Par Value 1.00 Foreign Ownership Limit(%) 0%
Last Traded Price Open Previous Close and Date 6.80 (Nov 05, 2018)
Change(% Change) down  (%) High P/E Ratio
Value Low Sector P/E Ratio
Volume Average Price Book Value
52-Week High 6.80 52-Week Low 6.80 P/BV Ratio

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