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PAL Holdings, Inc.PAL

PSE Disclosure Form 17-12-A - List of Top 100 Stockholders (Common Shares) Reference: Section 17.12 of the Revised Disclosure Rules

Type of Securities

For the period ended Dec 31, 2021
Description of the Disclosure

We are submitting herewith the List of the Top 100 Stockholders (Common Shares) of the Company as of December 31, 2021.

Based on the report of our Stock and Transfer Agent, the total of 20,133,236 common shares difference between the cumulative certificated common shares and lodged shares as against the total issued and outstanding shares reflected in the PHI month end report ,represents the total number of common shares still pending with the BIR ,waiting for the issuance of CAR. By way of background, sometime in 2017 – 2018, PAL and PHI undertook a share swap transaction between PAL shareholders and PHI to provide the former an exit mechanism by which they can dispose or unload their shares via the stock exchange. Said transaction have been filed with the BIR and while some of the shareholders have been able to secure their CARS, there is still the balance of 20,133,236 who are waiting for the release of their CARS. Thus their status cannot be reflected in either the certificated or lodged shares.

We trust you will take note accordingly. Thank you.

Number of Issued and Outstanding Common Shares 11,611,003,257
Number of Treasury Common Shares, if any 25,015
Number of Outstanding Common Shares 11,610,978,242
Number of Listed Common Shares 10,502,320,021
Number of Lodged Common Shares 1,849,276,686
  PCD Nominee - Filipino 744,797,333
  PCD Nominee - Non-Filipino 1,104,479,353
Number of Certificated Common Shares 9,741,593,335
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Filed on behalf by:
Name Ma. Cecilia Pesayco
Designation Corporate Secretary