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Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.SLI

PSE Disclosure Form 17-12-A - List of Top 100 Stockholders (Common Shares) Reference: Section 17.12 of the Revised Disclosure Rules

Type of Securities

For the period ended Sep 30, 2023
Description of the Disclosure

Kindly refer to the attachment.

The Number of Lodged Common Shares under PCD Nominee - Filipino includes 750,000,000 treasury shares, which are lodged in the Philippine Depository & Trust Corporation. The foregoing accounts for the discrepancy between the Number of Lodged Common Shares under PCD Nominee - Filipino below (2,316,465,356) and the number of shares owned by PCD Nominee Corporation - Filipino (1,566,465,356) indicated in the attached List of Top 100 Stockholders. The rest of the treasury shares, i.e., 1,750,000,000 shares out of the 2,500,000,000 treasury shares, are all certificated shares.

Number of Issued Common Shares 10,796,450,000
Number of Treasury Common Shares, if any 2,500,000,000
Number of Outstanding Common Shares 8,296,450,000
Number of Listed Common Shares 10,796,450,000
Number of Lodged Common Shares 2,317,179,607
  PCD Nominee - Filipino 2,316,465,356
  PCD Nominee - Non-Filipino 714,251
Number of Certificated Common Shares 8,479,270,393
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