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December 4, 2015
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Xurpas Inc.
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7th Floor Cambridge Centre, 108 Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati City Postal Code 1227
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(632) 889-6467
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Common Shares 1,720,000,660
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Item 9

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Xurpas Inc.X

PSE Disclosure Form 4-13 - Clarification of News Reports References: SRC Rule 17 (SEC Form 17-C) and
Section 4.4 of the Revised Disclosure Rules

Subject of the Disclosure

Clarification of News Report

Source The Manila Times (Internet Edition)
Subject of News Report “Xurpas to raise funds ahead of 2016 polls”
Date of Publication Dec 3, 2015
Clarification of News Report

Xurpas Inc. (the "Company") is being asked to respond to news report quoted below.

“Xurpas Inc. wants to raise approximately $70 million (P3.3 billion) from a mix of equity offerings next year to be able to keep up with its regional expansion plans.

Emilio Federico “Ricky” Galang, president of SB Capital Investment Corp., told reporters on Thursday that Xurpas wants to do multiple equity fundraising before the May 2016 elections to “replenish its fund” for expansion deals across the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) region.

‘They’re growing fast, [with] acquisitions. They’re going to need money. It may be top-up or combination of secondary—any combination—as long as there will be primary to replenish their funds,’ Galang said.

‘[It would be] around another 10 percent float, about $70 million. That should be substantial enough for new liquidity, for foreign fun2ds . . . It has more sense to do it before elections next year,’ he said."

As quoted in The Manila Times article, Ricky Galang of SB Capital was the source of the information and not the Company. The Company has no engagement with Ricky Galang and/or SB Capital on any equity raising nor has the Company authorized the disclosure of the information mentioned in the article to any person or entity.

The Company would like to explain that, while it has always been the plan of Xurpas to raise additional capital should there be good opportunities in the horizon, either via debt or equity, at the moment there is nothing definitive on the said plans.

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