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Seafront Resources CorporationSPM

PSE Disclosure Form 17-4 - Request for Extension to File SEC Form 17-Q
References: SRC Rule 17, SEC Memorandum Circular No. 7 Series of 2008 and
Section 17.2 and 17.8 of the Revised Disclosure Rules.

For the period ended Mar 31, 2020
Deadline of Submission of Quarterly Report May 15, 2020
Reason for requesting extension to submit Quarterly Report

In compliance with SEC Memorandum Circular No. 5, Series of 2020, as amended, Seafront Resources Corporation (SRC) is requesting for an extension of time with the SEC for the filing of its 2019 SEC 17-A Report, including the applicable attachments thereto. The preparation of the financial statements and timely completion of the reports have been affected by circumstances beyond the control of SRC such as travel restrictions, the limitations on normal business operations, and the resulting measures imposed in response to COVID-19 outbreak. Considering that the 2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements are necessary to complete the 2020 SEC 17Q 1st Quarter Report, we hereby request for an extension of time up to June 30, 2020 to submit the Company’s 2020 SEC 17Q 1st Quarter Report.

Other Relevant Information

Please see attached.

The Company undertakes to submit the report within five (5) calendar days after the prescribed deadline or upon submission of the report to the Securities and Exchange Commission, whichever is earlier. The Company understands that failure to comply with the undertaking may result to the imposition of applicable penalty/ies and/or sanction/s.

Filed on behalf by:
Name Arlan Profeta
Designation Asst. Corporate Secretary/ Alternate CIO