1. Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported)
Aug 5, 2020
2. SEC Identification Number
3. BIR Tax Identification No.
4. Exact name of issuer as specified in its charter
Manila Electric Company
5. Province, country or other jurisdiction of incorporation
6. Industry Classification Code(SEC Use Only)
7. Address of principal office
Lopez Building, Ortigas Avenue, Barangay Ugong, Pasig City Postal Code 1605
8. Issuer's telephone number, including area code
(02) 8632-8014
9. Former name or former address, if changed since last report
Not Applicable
10. Securities registered pursuant to Sections 8 and 12 of the SRC or Sections 4 and 8 of the RSA
Title of Each Class Number of Shares of Common Stock Outstanding and Amount of Debt Outstanding
Common Stock 1,127,098,705
Debt Securities (Bonds in Billion PhP) 10.2
11. Indicate the item numbers reported herein
Item 9 (Other Events)

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Manila Electric CompanyMER

PSE Disclosure Form 4-8 - Change in Directors and/or Officers
(Resignation/Removal or Appointment/Election)
References: SRC Rule 17 (SEC Form 17-C) and
Section 4.4 of the Revised Disclosure Rules

Subject of the Disclosure

Changes in designation of Officers

Background/Description of the Disclosure

Please be informed that Mr. Ferdinand O. Geluz, First Vice President of the Company, is designated as Officer in Charge of Customer Retail Services effective August 5, 2020 in lieu of the resignation of Mr. Victor Emmanuel S. Genuino. Mr. Geluz and Mr. Genuino will work closely for the transition and turn-over this August.

Mr. Geluz is a member of the Management Committee. He has 20 years of work experience with Networks. He rose from the ranks starting out as an electrical engineer in Testing and Inspection, eventually taking on leadership roles as System Analysis Head, Sector Head and Area Head. He then spent over 7 years in Customer Retail Services managing several business center areas. Prior to his designation as OIC of CRS, Mr. Geluz was the Head of Supply Chain and Logistics Management.

With the above designation of Mr. Geluz, the following movements will also take effect:
1. The former Logistic Management team (Supply Chain and Logistics Management under Mr. Geluz), will be reorganized as Facilities, Security and General Services and will be headed by Mr. Benjamin Cusi (formerly Vice President and Head, Network Asset Management).

2. Maria Luisa V. Alvendia, First Vice President and Chief of Staff, will be the OIC for Supply Chain Management.

Resignation/Removal or Replacement
Name of Person Position/Designation Effective Date of Resignation/Cessation of term
Reason(s) for Resignation/Cessation
- - - -
Election or Appointment
Name of Person Position/Designation Date of Appointment/Election
Effective Date of Appointment Election
Shareholdings in the Listed Company Nature of Indirect Ownership
Direct Indirect
- - - - - - -
Promotion or Change in Designation
Name of Person Position/Designation Date of Approval
Effective Date of Change
Shareholdings in the Listed Company Nature of Indirect Ownership
From To Direct Indirect
Ferdinand O. Geluz First Vice President and Head, Supply Chain and Logistics Management FVP and Officer in Charge, Customer Retail Services 08/05/2020 08/05/2020 12,877 - -
Maria Luisa V. Alvendia First Vice President, Chief of Staff and Supply Chain Advisor First Vice President, Chief of Staff and Officer in Charge, Supply Chain Management 08/05/2020 08/05/2020 - - -
Benjamin U. Cusi Vice President and Head, Network Asset Management Vice President and Head, Facilities, Security and General Services 08/05/2020 08/05/2020 24,050 - -
Other Relevant Information

Please refer to attached disclosure.

Filed on behalf by:
Name Jocelyn Villar-Altamira
Designation Assistant Vice President and Head, Corporate Governance and Compliance