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2GO Group, Inc.2GO

PSE Disclosure Form 17-12-A - List of Top 100 Stockholders (Common Shares) Reference: Section 17.12 of the Revised Disclosure Rules

Type of Securities

For the period ended Jun 30, 2021
Description of the Disclosure

Please see attached the List of Top 100 Stockholders of 2GO Group, Inc. as of June 30, 2021.

Number of Issued and Outstanding Common Shares 2,500,662,816
Number of Treasury Common Shares, if any 38,516,500
Number of Outstanding Common Shares 2,462,146,316
Number of Listed Common Shares 2,484,652,900
Number of Lodged Common Shares 1,685,643,664
  PCD Nominee - Filipino 943,961,610
  PCD Nominee - Non-Filipino 741,682,054
Number of Certificated Common Shares 815,019,152
Change from previous submission

The following information changed from the submitted List of Top 100 Stockholders (Common Shares) as of March 31, 2021:

1. Number of Lodged Common Shares;
2. PCD Nominee - Filipino;
3. PCD Nominee - Non-Filipino; and,
4. Number of Certificated Common Shares.

Note that the PCD Nominee (Filipino) entry for 160,946 shares is a result of the NENACO to 2GO conversion. As the conversion were uploaded in the Stock Transfer Agent's system and not by way of data entry, it will be automatically created under a new stockholder account number.

Filed on behalf by:
Name Elmer Serrano
Designation Director/Corporate Secretary/Chief Information Officer