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LT Group, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Lucio C. Tan
Director Harry C. Tan
Director Carmen K. Tan
Director Lucio K. Tan, Jr.
Director Michael G. Tan
Director Juanita Tan Lee
Director Peter Y. Ong
Independent Director Florencia G. Tarriela
Independent Director Wilfrido E. Sanchez
Independent Director Johnip G. Cua
Independent Director Robin C. Sy
Management Officers
Position Name
Chief Executive Officer Lucio C. Tan
President and Chief Operating Officer Michael G. Tan
Treasurer Juanita Tan Lee
Chief Financial Officer and Data Protection Officer Jose Gabriel D. Olives
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Nestor C. Mendones
Chief Legal Officer Erwin C. Go
Chief Audit Executive Dioscoro Teodorico Lim
Corporate Secretary Ma. Cecilia L. Pesayco
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Compliance Officer Marivic T. Moya