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Manulife Financial Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman John M. Cassaday
Director Rocco Gori
Director Joseph P. Caron
Director Ronalee Ambrose
Director Susan F. Dabarno
Director Sheila S. Fraser
Director Luther S. Helms
Director Tsun-yan Hsieh
Director P. Thomas Jenkins
Director Pamela O. Kimmet
Director Donald R. Lindsay
Director John R. V. Palmer
Director C. James Prieur
Director Andrea S. Rosen
Director Lesley D. Webster
Management Officers
Position Name
President & Chief Executive Officer Rocco Gori
Chief Financial Officer Philip J. Witherington
SEVP, Chief Investment Officer Warren A. Thomson
SEVP, Chief Operating Officer Linda P. Mantia
EVP, Chief Information Officer Gregory A. Framke
EVP, General Account Investments Scott S. Hartz
EVP, Chief Risk Officer Rahim Hirji
Senior Advisor to the CEO Stephani E. Kingsmill
Chief Actuary Steven A. Finch
EVP, Global Chief Marketing Officer Gretchen H. Garrigues
EVP, General Counsel James D. Gallagher
Head, Global Wealth and Asset Management Paul R. Lorentz
Head, North America Legacy Business Naveed Irshad
President & CEO, Manulife Canada Michael J. Doughty
President & CEO, John Hancock USA Anil Wadhwani
President & CEO, Manulife Asia Anil Wadhwani
Corporate Information Officer Elisabeth Kinkartz