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Jackstones, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Mariano Chua Tanenglian
Vice Chairman Aleta So Tanenglian
Director Maximilian So Tanenglian
Director Vandermir Carnegie Tan Say
Director Jonathan A. Ong Carranceja
Director Beryl Fayette Tanenglian Say
Director William Chong Lee
Independent Director Stilwell Tan Sy
Independent Director Amando Musni Velasco
Management Officers
Position Name
President Maximilian So Tanenglian
Senior Vice President Vandermir Carnegie Tan Say
Vice President Jonathan A. Ong Carranceja
Treasurer Beryl Fayette Tanenglian Say
Corporate Secretary and CIO Anthony B. Peralta
Assistant Chief Information Officer Jean Marie L. Uy
Assistant Corporate Secretary Adaline Daryl T. Ong
Compliance Officer Maria Arrabelle Tan Lim