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Pryce Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Salvador P. Escaño
Director Efren A. Palma
Director Ramon R. Torralba, Jr.
Director Xerxes Emmanuel F. Escaño
Director Ray W. Jovanovich
Independent Director Roland Joey R. de Lara
Independent Director Arnold L. Barba
Management Officers
Position Name
President Efren A. Palma
Chief Legal Counsel Ramon R. Torralba, Jr.
FVP - Corporate Secretary Simeon S. Umandal
EVP - Regional Head, Northern Mindanao Operations Samuel H. Cinco
Consultant and Regional Head, Southern Mindanao Operations Sonito N. Mole
Treasurer, SVP - Operations Monitoring, and Alternate Corporate Information and Compliance Officer Jose Ma. C. Ordenes
VP - Finance, and Assistant Corporate Secretary Feliciano B. Hatud
VP - Corporate Information and Compliance Officer Kristie Xyla R. Amaro