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TKC Metals Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Ben C. Tiu
Vice Chairman Ignatius F. Yenko
Director Anthony S. Dizon
Director A. Bayani K. Tan
Director Dexter Y. Tiu
Director Prudencio C. Somera, Jr.
Director Alexander Y. Tiu
Director Enrico G. Valdez
Independent Director Vicente de Villa, Jr.
Independent Director Pablito C. Bermundo
Independent Director Victor C. Fernandez
Management Officers
Position Name
President and Chief Operating Officer Anthony S. Dizon
Treasurer Dexter Y. Tiu
OIC Chief Finance Officer Efren A. Realeza, Jr.
Head - Corporate Services and Chief Compliance Officer Wilfrido O. Gamboa
Corporate Secretary A. Bayani K. Tan
Assistant Corporate Secretary Ria Carmela R. Cruz
Chief Liaison Officer Ruben C. Tiu
Chief Logistic Officer John Kacho Y. Tiu, Jr.