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Global Ferronickel Holdings, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Joseph C. Sy
Vice Chairman Ming Huat Chua
Director Atty. Dante R. Bravo
Director Gu Zhi Fang
Director Dennis Allan T. Ang
Director Francis C. Chua
Director Mary Belle D. Bituin
Director Noel B. Lazaro
Independent Director Edgardo G. Lacson
Independent Director Roberto C. Amores
Management Officers
Position Name
President Atty. Dante R. Bravo
Treasurer/Senior Vice President for Finance/HR/Admin Mary Belle D. Bituin
SVP for Operations Carlo Matilac
SVP for Legal and Regulatory Affairs/Corporate Secretary/Corporate Information Officer Noel B. Lazaro
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Alternate Corporate Information Officer Eveart Grace P. Claro