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Security Bank Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Emeritus Frederick Y. Dy
Chairman Alberto S. Villarosa
Vice Chairman Paul Y. Ung
Director Diana P. Aguilar
Executive Director Anastasia Y. Dy
Director Takayoshi Futae
Director Takahiro Onishi
Director Rafael F. Simpao, Jr.
Director Alfonso L. Salcedo, Jr.
Lead Independent Director Philip T. Ang
Independent Director James JK Hung
Independent Director Joseph R. Higdon
Independent Director Jikyeong Kang
Independent Director Napoleon L. Nazareno
Independent Director Ramon R. Jimenez, Jr.
Management Officers
Position Name
President Alfonso L. Salcedo, Jr.
Executive Director Anastasia Y. Dy
EVP and Chief Financial Officer Joselito E. Mape
EVP and Treasurer Raul Martin A. Pedro
SVP and Chief Risk Officer Maria Teresa C. Ogbinar
SVP and Chief Information Officer Cecilio Frederick M. Pusag
SVP and Chief Audit Executive Carol P. Warner
FVP and Chief Compliance Officer Dante T. Fuentes
VP and Chief Security Officer Andres Maria G. Caro II
Corporate Secretary Joel Raymond R. Ayson
SVP and Assistant Corporate Secretary Melissa R. Aquino