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Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan
Director Helen Y. Dee
Director Ray C. Espinosa
Director James L. Go
Director Hideaki Ozaki
Director Ma. Lourdes C. Rausa-Chan
Director Albert F. Del Rosario
Director Atsuhisa Shirai
Director Amado D. Valdez
Director Marife B. Zamora
Independent Director Bernido H. Liu
Independent Director Artemio V. Panganiban
Independent Director Pedro E. Roxas
Management Officers
Position Name
President and Chief Executive Officer Manuel V. Pangilinan
Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Ernesto R. Alberto
Chief Corporate Services Officer Ray C. Espinosa
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Anabelle L. Chua
Senior Vice President and Chief People and Culture Officer Maria Elizabeth S. Sichon
Business Transformation Office Head Victorico P. Vargas
Senior Vice President, Corporate Secretary, General Counsel and Chief Governance Officer Ma. Lourdes C. Rausa-Chan
Senior Vice President and Controller June Cheryl C. Revilla
Senior Vice President Alejandro O. Caeg
Senior Vice President Jun R. Florencio
Senior Vice President Juan Victor I. Hernandez
Senior Vice President Menardo G. Jimenez, Jr.
First Vice President and Treasurer Leo I. Posadas
First Vice President and Assistant Corporate Secretary Florentino D. Mabasa, Jr.
First Vice President Katrina L. Abelarde
First Vice President Marco Alejandro T. Borlongan
First Vice President Alfredo B. Carrera
First Vice President Leah Camilla R. Besa-Jimenez
First Vice President Albert Mitchell L. Locsin
First Vice President Aileen D. Regio
First Vice President Oscar Enrico A. Reyes Jr.
First Vice President Martin T. Rio
First Vice President Ricardo M. Sison
First Vice President Emiliano R. Tanchico, Jr.
First Vice President Melissa V. Vergel de Dios