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Aboitiz Power Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman of the Board Mikel A. Aboitiz
Vice Chairman Enrique M. Aboitiz
Director Luis Miguel O. Aboitiz
Director Jaime Jose Y. Aboitiz
Director Erramon I. Aboitiz
Director Danel C. Aboitiz
Lead Independent Director Romeo L. Bernardo
Independent Director Eric O. Recto
Independent Director Carlos C. Ejercito
Management Officers
Position Name
President & Chief Executive Officer Erramon I. Aboitiz
Chief Operating Officer Emmanuel V. Rubio
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer - Generation Business Group Felino M. Bernardo
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer – Power Distribution Group Jaime Jose Y. Aboitiz
Executive Vice President for Regulatory and Industry Affairs Juan Antonio E. Bernad
Chief Strategy Officer Luis Miguel O. Aboitiz
Senior Vice President and Group Treasurer Gabriel T. Mañalac
Senior Vice President and Chief Reputation and Risk Management Officer Susan V. Valdez
Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Information Officer Liza Luv T. Montelibano
Executive Director – Chief Investment Officer Robert McGregor
Executive Director – Business Development and Project Development and Execution Christopher B. Sangster
General Counsel and Compliance Officer Joseph Trillana T. Gonzales
Corporate Secretary Manuel Alberto R. Colayco
Assistant Corporate Secretary Mailene M. de la Torre
Assistant Corporate Secretary Joanne L. Ranada
Data Privacy Officer Noreen Marie N. Vicencio
Group Internal Audit Head Saturino E. Nicanor