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Megawide Construction Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Edgar B. Saavedra
Director Michael C. Cosiquien
Director Oliver Y. Tan
Director Manuel Louie B. Ferrer
Director Florentino A. Tuason, Jr.
Independent Director Hilario G. Davide, Jr.
Independent Director Leonilo M. Coronel
Management Officers
Position Name
President and Chief Executive Officer Edgar B. Saavedra
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Christopher Nadayag
Treasurer Irving C. Cosiquien
Corporate Secretary / Corporate Information Officer Althea F. Oaminal
Chief Financial Officer / Chief Investment and Strategy Officer / Corporate Information Officer Oliver Y. Tan
Chief Marketing Officer / Corporate Information Officer / Data Protection Officer Manuel Louie B. Ferrer
Assistant Corporate Secretary / Compliance Officer / Corporate Information Officer Jennifer C. Lee