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Concepcion Industrial Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman of the Board Raul Joseph A. Concepcion
Vice Chairman Renna C. Hechanova-Angeles
Director Raul Anthony A. Concepcion
Director Jose Ma. A. Concepcion
Director Ma. Victoria Herminia C. Young
Director Raissa C. Hechanova-Posadas
Independent Director Cesar A. Buenaventura
Independent Director Melito S. Salazar, Jr.
Management Officers
Position Name
President Raul Joseph A. Concepcion
Treasurer Renna C. Hechanova-Angeles
EVP - Business Development Rafael C. Hechanova, Jr.
Chief Finance and Information Officer Ma. Victoria A. Betita
Vice President, Investor Relations and Corporate Planning Mary Grace Z. Velasco
Corporate Secretary Jayson L. Fernandez
Assistant Corporate Secretary Maria Tara A. Mercado