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Crown Asia Chemicals Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Walter H. Villanueva
Director Eugene H. Lee Villanueva
Director Tita P. Villanueva
Director Nicasio T. Perez
Director Derrick P. Villanueva
Director Jefferson T. Sy
Independent Director Marie Therese G. Santos
Independent Director Ernesto R. Alberto
Independent Director Bede Lovell S. Gomez
Management Officers
Position Name
Group Head – Pipe Group / General Manager – PP-R/HDPE Pipes and PVC Roof Divisions Walter H. Villanueva
President & General Manager - Compounds Division Eugene H. Lee Villanueva
Senior Vice President - Chief Finance Officer Tita P. Villanueva
Vice President - Treasurer Nicasio T. Perez
General Manager - PVC Pipe Division Derrick P. Villanueva
Corporate Secretary/Chief Information Officer Jason C. Nalupta
Assistant Corporate Secretary Ann Margaret K. Lorenzo
Assistant General Manager – PP-R/HDPE Pipes Division / Compliance Officer / Risk Management Officer Hans Joseph T. Perez