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Filinvest Development Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Emeritus Mercedes T. Gotianun
Chairman Jonathan T. Gotianun
Director Andrew T. Gotianun, Jr.
Director Lourdes Josephine Gotianun Yap
Director Michael Edward T. Gotianun
Lead Director (Independent) Virginia T. Obcena
Independent Director Val Antonio B. Suarez
Management Officers
Position Name
President & Chief Executive Officer Lourdes Josephine Gotianun Yap
Treasurer/ Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/ Compliance Officer Nelson M. Bona
Senior Vice President / Deputy CFO Daniel L. Ang Tan Chai
Vice President Michael Edward T. Gotianun
Vice President - Marketing Bernadette M. Ramos
Vice President for Risk Management / Chief Risk Officer Virginia A. Cayanga
Assistant Vice President for Audit / Chief Audit Executive Michael Louie T. Garado
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Corporate Information Officer Sharon P. Pagaling-Refuerzo