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PTFC Redevelopment Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Bienvenido A. Tan, Jr.
Director Bienvenido A. Tan, III
Director Rafael A. Dominguez
Director Albert C. Eufemio
Director Emmeline S. Huang
Director Adrian P. Juanengo
Director Consuelo N. Padilla
Director Leo G. Dominguez
Independent Director Alonzo Q. Ancheta
Management Officers
Position Name
President Bienvenido A. Tan, III
Vice President Ignacio Luis P. Tan
Vice President, Treasurer, Compliance Officer, and Investor Relations Officer Albert C. Eufemio
Risk Management Officer Adrian P. Juanengo
Corporate Secretary Patricia A. O. Bunye
Assistant Corporate Secretary Pancho G. Umali