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Philab Holdings Corp.

Company Description
Philab Holdings Corp. (DNA), formerly Alterra Capital Partners, Inc. (ALT), was incorporated on November 21, 2000 as iRipple, Inc. (RPL) to establish, operate, develop, manage and provide software solution projects and related businesses as well as to engage in trading of computer hardware and software products. RPL started commercial operations in January 2002.

On March 12, 2015, 10 shareholders of the Company entered into a share purchase agreement and sold their 89.49% interest in the Company in favour of two individual investors. In May, RPL applied to amend the change in corporate name to ALT as well as the change in primary purpose to that of a holding company.

In August 2016, major shareholders of the Company sold a majority stake to two buyers, resulting in a change of control in the Company. Following the change in control, ALT acquired a 93.48% interest in Philab Industries, Inc. (PII) and subsequently changed its corporate name and stock symbol to the present one. PII is engaged in the healthcare and education sectors and supplies life science equipment in a number of industries.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2018)
Security Information
Sector Small, Medium & Emerging Board
Subsector Small, Medium & Emerging Board
Corporate Life
Incorporation Date Nov 21, 2000
Number of Directors 7
Stockholders' Meeting as per By-Laws
Fiscal Year 12/31 (Month/Day)
External Auditor PwC/ Isla Lipana & Co
Transfer Agent Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. - Trust Banking Group
Contact Information
Business Address 29th Floor & Penthouse World Plaza, 5th Avenue, Taguig 1630
E-mail Address,
Telephone Number 09176531818
Fax Number -