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Philippine Trust Company

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Basilio C. Yap
Vice Chairman Josue N. Bellosillo
Vice Chairman Emilio C. Yap III
Director Jaime C. Laya
Director Jose M. Fernandez
Director Miriam C. Cu
Director Rosalinda Y. Gaw
Director Benjamin C. Yap
Independent Director Ernesto O. Chan
Independent Director Tomas V. Apacible
Independent Director Hilario G. Davide, Jr.
Independent Director Armando L. Suratos
Management Officers
Position Name
President Jaime C. Laya
Corporate Counsel Josue N. Bellosillo
Assistant Corporate Secretary and Assistant Corporate Counsel Agnes B. Urbano
Executive Vice President Jose M. Fernandez
Executive Vice President Virginia S. Choa-Shi
Executive Vice President Carlos A. Pinpin, Jr.
Senior Vice President Corazon L. Ho
Senior Vice President Luisa A. Lucin
Senior Vice President Victoria C. Lu
Senior Vice President Miriam C. Cu
Senior Vice President, Trust Officer Adriano A. Tacata
Senior Vice President Dorothy T. Uy
Senior Vice President Lucia T. Ang
Senior Vice President Chai Sen D. Uy
Vice President, Compliance Officer Pompeyo A. Claveria