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Century Properties Group, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Jose E.B. Antonio
Vice Chairman John Victor R. Antonio
Director Jose Marco R. Antonio
Director Jose Carlo R. Antonio
Director Jose Roberto R. Antonio
Director Rafael G. Yaptinchay
Director Ricardo P. Cuerva
Director Hilda R. Antonio
lndependent Director Jose L. Cuisia, Jr.
lndependent Director Stephen T. CuUnjieng
lndependent Director Carlos C. Ejercito
Management Officers
Position Name
President & CEO Jose Marco R. Antonio
Corporate Secretary Danny E. Bunyi
Assistant Corporate Secretary/Corporate Affairs Carlos Benedict K. Rivilla, IV
Chief Information Officer and Chief Compliance Officer Isabelita Ching Sales
Chief Financial Officer/Corporate Treasurer/ Investor Relations Officer Ponciano S. Carreon
Head for Legal Services and Corporate Affairs Domie S. Eduvane
Head for Human Resources and Administration Ritchelle T. Cordero
Head for Corporate Communications Maria Theresa Fucanan-Yu