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Belle Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman of the Board Emilio S. De Quiros, Jr.
Vice Chairperson Willy N. Ocier
Vice Chairperson Elizabeth Anne C. Uychaco
Director Manuel A. Gana
Director Ricardo L. Moldez
Director Jacinto C. Ng, Jr.
Director Jose T. Sio
Director Virginia A. Yap
Lead Independent Director Cesar E.A. Virata
Independent Director Amando M. Tetangco, Jr.
Independent Director Gregorio U. Kilayko
Management Officers
Position Name
President & Chief Executive Officer and Corporation Information Officer Manuel A. Gana
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Compliance Officer Jackson T. Ongsip
BU Head, Integrated Resorts Armin B. Raquel-Santos
BU Head, Resort Residences Shirley C. Ong
BU Head, Clubs and Estate Claire T. Kramer
BU Head, Real Estate Mary Eleanor A. Mendoza
Corporate Secretary A. Bayani K. Tan
Assistant Corporate Secretary Arthur A. Sy
Chief Audit Executive Anna Josefina G. Esteban
Vice President - Investor Relations Tristan B. Choa
Vice President - Governance Michelle T. Hernandez
Vice President - Administration Nancy O. Hui
Vice President - Sales Zenia K. Sy