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JG Summit Holdings, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman James L. Go
Director Lance Y. Gokongwei
Director Lily G. Ngochua
Director Patrick Henry C. Go
Director Johnson Robert G. Go, Jr.
Director Robina Y. Gokongwei-Pe
Director Cirilo P. Noel
Independent Director Renato T. De Guzman
Independent Director Jose T. Pardo
Independent Director Antonio L. Go
Management Officers
Position Name
President and Chief Executive Officer Lance Y. Gokongwei
Senior Vice President, Strategic Investment Bach Johann M. Sebastian
Senior Vice President, Corporate Human Resources Nicasio L. Lim
Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary Maria Celia H. Fernandez-Estavillo
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Renato T. Salud
Senior Vice President and Treasurer Aldrich T. Javellana
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Compliance Officer Francisco M. Del Mundo
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations and Chief of Staff Michael P. Liwanag
Senior Vice President, Digital Transformation and Corporate Services Lisa Y. Gokongwei-Cheng
Senior Vice President and Chief Procurement Officer Alan D. Surposa
Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Information Officer Carlos G. Santos
Assistant Corporate Secretary Andre Ria B. Buzeta-Acero
Data Protection Officer Ian Pajantoy