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Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman of the Board and Independent Director William G. Padolina
Vice Chairman and Independent Director Edwin D. Feist
Vice Chairman Basilio C. Yap
Director Georgiana S. Evidente
Director Evangeline V. Baviera
Director Anthony Joseph Y. Gaw
Director Johnny C. Yap
Director Benjamin C. Yap
Director Enrique Y. Yap, Jr.
Independent Director Esperanza I. Cabral
Management Officers
Position Name
President Georgiana S. Evidente
Executive Vice President, Treasurer and Asst. Corp. Secretary Johnny C. Yap
Executive Vice President Evangeline V. Baviera
Corporate Secretary and Investment Relations Officer Janice R. Ong
Senior Vice President and Compliance Officer Jose A. Emiterio
Senior Vice President Enrique Raymond I. Yap
Vice President Rosanna Marie S. Suñga
Vice President Isleen Y. Sy
Vice President Dinah D. Trivilegio
Vice President Virgilio V. Leyeza, Jr.
Asst. Treasurer Ma. Bernadette M. Doctor
Data Protection Officer David Michael O. Gabriel
Chief Accountant Sandra N. Pineda