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Sta. Lucia Land, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Vicente R. Santos
Director Exequiel D. Robles
Director Antonio D. Robles
Director Mariza Santos-Tan
Director Aurora D. Robles
Director Orestes R. Santos
Director Simeon S. Cua
Independent Director Jose Ferdinand R. Guiang
Independent Director Osmundo C. De Guzman, Jr.
Management Officers
Position Name
President Exequiel D. Robles
Treasurer Mariza Santos-Tan
Assistant Treasurer Aurora D. Robles
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer David M. Dela Cruz
Internal Auditor and Data Protection Officer Ace Franziz D. Cuntapay
Chief Compliance Officer and Vice President – Corporate Planning & Investor Relations Jeremiah T. Pampolina
Corporate Secretary Patricia A. O. Bunye
Assistant Corporate Secretary Pancho G. Umali
Assistant Corporate Secretary Crystal I. Prado