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I-Remit, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman and Independent Director Arsenio M. Bartolome III
Vice Chairman Ben C. Tiu
Director Harris D. Jacildo
Director Bansan C. Choa
Director Calixto V. Chikiamco
Director Gilbert C. Gaw
Director A. Bayani K. Tan
Director John Y. Tiu, Jr.
Independent Director Felix Adelfo B. Lopez, Jr.
Independent Director Jose Joel Y. Pusta
Independent Director Alvin G. Shi
Management Officers
Position Name
Chief Executive Officer Ben C. Tiu
President Harris D. Jacildo
Corporate Secretary Anna Francesca C. Respicio
Assistant Corporate Secretary Kristine Marie E. Liberato
SVP and Chief Financial Officer Bernadette Cindy C. Tiu
Compliance Officer Wilfredo Perry B. Morales
Chief Risk Officer Froilan Miguel G. Alcantara
Audit Head Eselito C. Ruiz
Comptroller and Investor Relations Officer Jose Petronio Vicente D. Español III