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SP New Energy Corporation

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan
Vice Chairman Leandro Antonio L. Leviste
Director Hazel Iris P. Lafuente
Director Amanda Roselle A. Bengson
Director Rochel Donato R. Gloria
Independent Director Pedro Emilio O. Roxas
Independent Director Benjamin I. Espiritu
Management Officers
Position Name
President, and CEO Manuel V. Pangilinan
Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary Amanda Roselle A. Bengson
Treasurer and Chief Finance Officer Rochel Donato R. Gloria
Chief Operating Officer Dominador M. Camu, Jr.
Controller Alicia G. Brion
Assistant Corporate Secretary Jo Marianni P. Ocampo
Assistant Treasurer Anthony Matthew N. Co
Assistant Chief Information Officer Aresty M. Lapitan