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Haus Talk, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Terence Restituto D. Madlambayan
Director Maria Rachel D. Madlambayan
Director Ma. Leah D. Madlambayan
Director Luis Pio D. Madlambayan
Director Joselito D. Madlambayan
Independent Director Angelico T. Salud
Independent Director Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas II
Management Officers
Position Name
President Maria Rachel D. Madlambayan
VP - Business Development Terence Restituto D. Madlambayan
VP - Sales and Marketing Ma. Leah D. Madlambayan
Treasurer Gloria Judith D. Madlambayan
Chief Finance Officer and Controller Maria Agnes M. Siapno
VP - Procurement and Warehouse and Asst. Corporate Secretary Noemi D. Madlambayan
Corporate Secretary Lyra Gracia Y. Lipae-Fabella
Investor Relations Officer Francis Miguel R. Madlambayan
Compliance Officer Noemi V. Aniban