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Globalport 900, Inc.


Information in this page will become available upon submission of the Company of its latest financial statements. To view previous financial statements of the Company, kindly proceed to the Company's page in the PSE Main website (


For the fiscal year ended : Dec 31, 2013
Currency(and units, if applicable) : PESOS

Balance Sheet
Item Current Year Previous Year
Current Assets 44,248,352 676,779,513
Total Assets 876,366,011 5,727,436,328
Current Liabilities 78,120,989 429,700,757
Total Liabilities 78,120,989 1,341,973,158
Retained Earnings/(Deficit) -1,375,195,519 60,738,439
Stockholders' Equity 798,245,022 4,385,463,170
Stockholders' Equity - Parent 78,120,989 1,341,973,158
Book Value Per Share -0.56 0.06
Income Statement
Item Current Year Previous Year
Gross Revenue 80,966,375 1,000,473,271
Gross Expense -22,173,315 182,854,178
Income/(Loss) Before Tax -1,337,992,759 218,385,064
Net Income/(Loss) After Tax -1,338,632,734 195,982,787
Net Income/(Loss) Attributable to Parent -1,293,824,923 125,587,569
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic) -0.56 0.06
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Diluted) -0.56 0.06


For the period ended :
Currency(and units, if applicable) :

Balance Sheet
Item Period Ended Fiscal Year Ended(Audited)
Current Assets
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Total Liabilities
Retained Earnings/(Deficit)
Stockholders' Equity
Stockholders' Equity - Parent
Book Value Per Share
Income Statement
Item Current Year (3 Months) Previous Year (3 Months) Current Year-To-Date Previous Year-To-Date
Gross Revenue
Gross Expense
Income/(Loss) Before Tax
Net Income/(Loss) After Tax
Net Income/(Loss) Attributable to Parent
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Basic)
Earnings/(Loss) Per Share (Diluted)