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Far Eastern University, Incorporated

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Emeritus Lourdes R. Montinola
Chairman Aurelio R. Montinola III
Director Michael M. Alba
Director Paulino Y. Tan
Director Antonio R. Montinola
Director Sherisa P. Nuesa
Lead Independent Director Edilberto C. de Jesus
Independent Director Jose T. Sio
Independent Director Consuelo D. Garcia
Management Officers
Position Name
President Michael M. Alba
Chief Finance Officer and Chief Risk Officer Juan Miguel R. Montinola
Treasurer Rosanna E. Salcedo
Corporate Secretary Anthony Raymond A. Goquingco
Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs Gianna R. Montinola
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Maria Teresa Trinidad P. Tinio
Comptroller and Compliance Officer Glenn Z. Nagal
Vice President for Facilities and Technical Services Edward R. Kilakiga
Vice President for Academic Development Myrna P. Quinto
Assistant Vice President for Academic Services Generoso B. Pamittan, Jr.
Assistant Vice President for Human Resource Development Jefferson S. Aquino
Chief Legal Counsel Enrico G. Gilera
Chief Accountant and Budget Director Pamela M. Hernandez
Quality Management Representative and Data Protection Officer Michael Q. Liggayu
Chief Audit Executive Ray Jan P. Roque
Chief Information Officer Enrique M. Amigo
University Registrar Gerald L. Villar
Senior Director for Admissions and Financial Aid Michelle S. Acomular