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COL Financial Group, Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Edward K. Lee
Vice Chairman Alexander C. Yu
Director Hernan G. Lim
Director Conrado F. Bate
Director Raymond C. Yu
Director Paulwell Han
Director Seiji Okita
Director Wellington C. Yu
Lead Independent Director Arthur G. Gindap
Independent Director Betty C. Siy-Yap
Independent Director Roberto C. Benares
Management Officers
Position Name
President and CEO Conrado F. Bate
SVP - Treasurer, Chief Audit Executive and Chief Risk Officer Catherine L. Ong
FVP - Chief Customer Experience Officer and Assistant Corporate Secretary Juan G. Barredo
FVP - Chief Investor Relations and Corporate Strategy April Lynn L. Tan
FVP - Chief Financial Officer Lorena E. Velarde
FVP - Chief Technology Officer Nikos J. Bautista
VP - Head of Operations Melissa O. Ng
VP - Head of Legal and Compliance, Corporate Secretary and Compliance Officer Sharon T. Lim
Assistant Corporate Secretary Stephanie Faye B. Reyes
AVP - Head of Software Development Gabriel Jose E. Mendiola
AVP - Head of Customer Support Joyce G. Chan
AVP - Accounting Operations Rea P. Orteza