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Balai Ni Fruitas Inc.

Board of Directors
Position Name
Chairman Rogelio M. Guadalquiver
Director Lester C. Yu
Director Madelene T. Sayson
Director Calvin F. Chua
Independent Director Lee Ceasar S. Junia
Independent Director David Jonathan Y. Bayot
Independent Director Bernardino M. Ramos
Management Officers
Position Name
President and Chief Executive Officer Lester C. Yu
Vice President Madelene T. Sayson
Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer Ma. Teresa M. Trujillo
Managing Director Roselyn A. Legaspi
Compliance Officer Ralph Hector P. Adricula
Head of Operations William V. Capuno
Investor Relations Officer Shaun Aldrich Si
Comptroller Lerma C. Fajardo
Corporate Secretary Marvin C. Yu